You bet your arse there's an update.
I just uploaded the entire series of comics in the N Hof saga, because Nate needed these to enter in a contest. Good luck, buddy! =D
For added convenience, click here to go directly to the beginning of the N Hof story arc.

As for my own comic? Well, let's just say I'm wrapping up loose ends, and getting ready.
Prepare yourself for an overhaul. ^_^
Now read the new comics already, I've spent all evening getting these babies uploaded.
Working on a cast page as well, so stay tuned.

Sorry guys, Mayneeyah has been discontinued.
I just felt this wasn't the right thing for me to do, besides, some people labeled it as "just another 8-Bit Theater clone".
Don't think this site is gonna be dead, though.
Right now I'm working on TWO brand new, Hand Drawn comics; One about myself and friends, one about Phantasy Star.
So stay tuned for that soon(er or later)!!!
Until that time, I'll be periodically showing a comic my good friend Nate Netfox made.
For more antics about some of the people seen in this comic, read Moogle by Crazy Mr. Leo.
Ah yes, another thing I must tell you.
My good friend Gold Sonic got his Super Mario based comic, Life of a Goomba, on Keenspace!
Check it out for a good laugh.
Seriously, it's way better then this jumbled sprite mess I call Mayneeyah. ;D


HE DIIIIED!!! Um...No, I didn't. But I wasn't making any progress, either. Huzzah, new comic. Took me a damn month, it did.
Enjoy, because it's unclear when the next one will arrive. I sure as hell hope it won't be another month though - in which case you may all legally hold me at gunpoint to grind out more comics. ;D


Small update; I added a Links bar right below this frame window. Go check out some of those comics, willya?
Most of them are better then mine. ;D
Some of them I especially recommend would be 8-Bit Theater, Bob and George, NQTFTE, Waffle-X, Gene Catlow and Mega-w00t. But then again, I'd recommend all of them that are in that links list. But those above get special mentions. Because I feel like it.
At any rate........ GO WATCH. ALL OF THEM.
...Well....after you saw mine, at least. ;D


...I oughtta slap myself.
Now I know why the comics showed up in advance, I accidentally put in the year 2001 instead of 2002! X_X
Geh. I don't think this can be fixed... Ohwell. Anyways, Mayneeyah will be back in March. o_o


Augh. So sorry for the delay, folks. I expect to have the new comic up today.


Hm, you guys are lucky, Keenspace messed up a little on me and showed some comics in advance. Oh well. =P


Hi everyone, and welcome to the opening of my semi-new comic: Mayneeyah!
As I was waiting for my Keenspace account to open, I've worked a little in advance on the comics, so I hope not to lag too much.
But... you know me. I'm just not perfect, and a plain slacker. XD
Eh, just check out the comic, 'K? At least it's there. =P