By Ruben "H Hog" van Ophuizen




Nathan Netfox: One of the two creators of N Hof.
Very nice guy, good friend of H Hog, among many others.
One of the better-known members of the large community known as "The Moogle Cavern".
Easily bribed with cookies.

H Hog: The other creator of N Hof.
Personality similar to Nate, but tends to be a bit more serious about things.
Has an extreme weakness for 7-Up, and will drop whatever he's doing in a whim to drink it at any time.
One of the more important people at Moogle Cavern, shares second-in-command place with Crazy Mr. Leo.

N Hof: The brainchild of Nate and H Hog.
Rather nave, but always tries to keep the people around him happy, in a rather obsessive sort of way.
Many MC members tend to stay away from him and his saccharine happiness.
Simply adores sugar.

Kulock: The leader of the "Moogle Cavern" community.
He's one of the few that's actually a Moogle.
Usually a nice person, he utterly fears N Hof, mainly because bad stuff seems to happen around him.

Crazy Mr. Leo: The other high-rank member of the Moogle Cavern.
He's the more serious one between him and H Hog, though not in the least lacking in the funny department.
Very much enjoys Monty Python shows.

Renegade: Good guy in an Evil exterior.
Posesses strength beyond many of the regular Moogle Cavern people, making him a valuable ally.
Feels strongly for his friends, and will not allow any harm to come to them.
Is prone to have trouble controlling his temper.

Matrixx: Another one of the more familiar people.
A pink magenta hedgehog, brother of Artemus Wolf (whom is not shown in the comic as of yet).

The rest: Too many other people to mention.
Among them are Eric, Diablohead, Gold Sonic, Fadflamer, Sammybeany, and many, MANY others.
They will all have their own cast description when they become more recurring characters. (I promise, guys. =P )

A&W Cream Soda: Able to bring out the superhero in anyone.
It's just that good.



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